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L u n a -

Happy birthday! To think that we’re still friends after so long. Well, its a day where I remember our friendship and thank my stars that I have you<3 I wish you didn’t have to do assignments on your birthday, but who are we kidding ;[ Even so, work hard! (And then party peacefully after) I wish I was there with you on this day seigh.

I cherish the friendship we have and will always be. Finally 18… Grow enthusiastically and don’t loose that vibrance in you, babe. Its what makes you special than all those other basics.

Its the best part of our lives, don’t spend it on things that wouldn’t make you smile at 80. Welp, welp! There’s so much to say, but words words words.

I wish you all the best in Uni. You have us no matter what. I love you.



I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired!! #hidemebabe

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